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Recently I've been listening to a lot of 90's grunge music that I love and with that comes a rekindled love of all things 90's and all that is grunge. So for today's post I wanted to put together a little "grunge" moodboard. 

As I mentioned above I've been listening to a lot of 90's music, A lot of Bush songs like Glycerine (the title of this post being a hint), Nirvana (obvs), a little pearl jam, sound garden, smashing pumpkins, particularly Mellon collie and the infinite sadness album, a little bit of the red hot chilli peppers, no doubt etc etc. I do love the sounds of the 90's, even the pop music was infinitely better! It just has such a great feel and vibe to it that just makes me feel like I'm on my element. Of course though, you can have the sounds of the 90's without it influencing style. It did then and there's no reason why it's gunna stop me now. 

When I think of the 90's and the style, I always think of  Seattle and it's grunge scene. And of course you think of the classic essentials items of that grunge scene. 
  • Flannel shirts 
  • Converse 
  • Dr.martens 
  • Layers of clothing 
  • Oversized/baggy tees 
And that's really what I've been gravitating towards. I like wearing these things. My wardrobes full of it all and I love layering. With the British summer sunshine currently on holiday elsewhere. It's left all grabbing for blankets and jackets and layers. I've taken to layering an oversized tee with an oversized flannel shirt, with a denim jacket over the top, currently because the weathers a bit chilly (tbh I don't mind, I'm not a summer person, I live for autumn). 

I'm really looking forward to the autumn season as always and the "grunge" look is always a great look all year round, great for festivals, a pair of shorts, oversized band tee and flannel round your waist. And it's great in winter, you can wear a pair of mom jeans, oversized tee tucked in, with a belt round the waist, a flannel shirt over the top, and an oversized, chunky knit cardigan over the top of that, then your trusty old parka or puffa jacket. However, I find grunge to be even more perfect when it comes to those transitional seasons, like spring and autumn. It's great for, it's too warm for a jumper, too cold for a scrappy vest days, so you chuck on an old tee and flannel and your good to go!

I genuinely believe that grunge is a look for everyone. It's so effortless, it's literally about chucking whatever's there to chuck on, chuck on a couple more layers if it's cold and go. It's such a carefree "style" and way to be and I live for that carefree-ness. 

And that's why I love grunge, it's music and it's style! 

Thanks for reading :) 

Georgia x 

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