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For today's post I thought I would do a current favourites post. Seeing as I missed the last two monthly favourites posts, I thought I'd be quite nice to just do a brief and small little current faves post. Besides which, I'm quite a nosey person myself and I love a good favourites post, so yeah :)

1. Denim Jacket - This is an oversized denim jacket from Next. Funnily enough, I went in store one day randomly and saw it there and I was instantly drawn to it. I don't often find things in next I like so to be fair its quite easy for me to spot things I like in there a mile off. I tried it on fell in love. The price I was just not feeling. It was £55. Which ain't bad for a denim jacket, but I paid a lot less for my secondhand Levi denim jacket, so I wasn't prepared to pay £55. I decided to leave it and think about it. A few days later I got rather lucky, Next decided it was time for their big sale. And my jacket was on sale. It was reduced to £26 and I couldn't refuse it, so I snapped it up. This jacket has shredded details scattered about it and silver studding, they're blunt cone studs round the collar and on one of the breast pockets. I did try to find the link but I believe this exact jacket is now sold out. similar here.

2. The Ordinary mineral blemish formula face serum - I've really been enjoying this newest addition to my skincare recently. I've had it about a week now and i'm still trying to get into the rhythm of using it. But I have been loving it the feel of it on my face, and I feel like I can feel it working and sinking deeper into my skin and pores and helping to fight blemishes and breakouts and any bad stuff beneath my skin. Unfortunately I've always really suffered from bad skin and I'm always open to trying new skincare to help my face along. i stumbled upon this in a "i'm bored i'll browse for anything" session on ASOS. This serum was only £5. Also, this serum is currently out of stock on the ASOS site, but i figured it would make more sense to link you to the entire range of products by this brand on the ASOS site as anyone reading this has different skincare needs to mine. Similar here.

3. Nyx Mega shine lip gloss shade: Sponge cake - I really wanted a lip gloss. I'm kind of bored and over the matte lipstick and I've been feeling a more natural, shimmery, glowy, dewy look at the minuet and lip gloss is just so much easier to deal with. But i wanted a pretty coloured lip gloss that matched my lip colour and i stumbled upon the mega shine range at the NYX counter in boots. I swatched a few on my hand and took a chance on sponge cake. I usually end up with the wrong shade (I'm usually slightly off, by a shade) but i was very lucky that i wasn't! i got spot on first go!!! woo!!!! I'm in love with this lip gloss, its not sticky, it looks very pretty and shimmey but not glittery or grainy on the lips, its actually very smooth and very hydrating. Ever since i started wearing it, my lips have been less chapped, less dry and lot softer and smoother. The only thing that is annoying with lip gloss if that it doesn't remain all day like a lip liner or liquid lipstick would, but at least when it fades,  it fades naturally and doesn't leave your lips looking stupid and patchy or smudged etc. Lip gloss is a lot less maintenance. This lip gloss from NYX cost only £4.50! such a steal and i would recommend any one in the market for a lip gloss to pick one up!  Click here for LIP GLOSS!

4. Converse all star hi leather Ash Grey rose gold exclusive - So these are my new converse, which i did an unboxing post about. I was so excited about these. I'm just in so much love with these, I've never had a pair of converse this pretty in all my life. I usually just end up with their classic pairs. But these rose god exclusives are exclusive to Office. And i'd highly recommend anyone to grab a pair. They come in a variety of colours and they also do them in low top form as well. They are suede, so they are a little harder to get on than the canvas ones. But small price to pay for such a pretty shoe. These converse are £64.99. Click here for pretty converse!

5. Rings - I'm pretty sure there is always some kind of ring in my favourites posts these days. But I've found some pretty rings, what can i say. The two in the picture above, which tbh ain't very clear. (I'll post them on my Instagram soon @Georgia.l.powell). ;) who liked my smooth plug?  Anyway, I'm addicted to Tk Maxx and i can't stop finding nice things in there and its mean because i end up spending money, more money than i should do but. They have some really great stuff. One particular section I'm drawn to is their jewellery counter. I know my local one has so many amazing rings, usually all sterling silver, all expensive looking and then their not all that pricey. So, I've picked up two recently one was £12.99 and the other £16.99. Both very pretty, very sparkly (i like my blingy pieces),  both sterling silver and actually pretty good quality sterling silver too (which a lot of people wouldn't expect for silver at those prices.) Click here for Tk Maxx rings (you don't get quite the range online as you do in store, so I'd highly recommend a trip to your local one. But I've also come across this beautiful jewellery company online called Phantom Jewels which is the kind of style of jewellery and rings I've been finding in Tk Maxx recently and they have so many lovely pieces, I'd highly recommend checking out their range as its very similar in style to the two rings I picked up in Tk Maxx I got recently.

So those are my current favourite things. I hope you enjoyed this post. Drop me a comment below letting me know if you've owned or used any thing mentioned above, i'd love to know your opinions on them. Also, i'd love to know what is one of your current favourite things, so again, drop a comment below letting me know. :)

Thanks for reading

Georgia x

*sidenote* sorry for not blogging yesterday, I went out last night and i didn't think for a single second during the days leading up to or at all yesterday to just pre-write. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things, bare with, i 'll get there.


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  1. I really want to try that Nyx lipgloss! My mac Velvet Teddy lipstick is probably my favourite thing at the moment, along with the #GirlBoss book by Sophia Amoruso :) x


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