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Last weekend something brought my mind to check out the All saints website. I usually find myself stumbling onto the All Saints website from time to time. I'm just in love with a lot of their stuff but in particularly their leather jackets. I have never before owned a genuine leather jacket, but it has always been something I knew I needed to invest in. As someone who is a massive fan of rock/alternative music, a leather jacket is the uniform of the genre. And whilst I've gotten by on owning the odd, cheap faux leather jacket from primark, that falls apart way to quickly seeing as the amount I wear them, it makes sense that whilst my financial circumstance allows, I invest in my dream jacket.

So as you may of gathered from the title, this is an All Saints leather jacket. And as I mentioned above I've been in love and obsessed with the All Saints brand for years now and I've always wanted to be able to buy things from them. Like I also said above, I stumbled upon their website once again, but I was completely unaware until the page loaded that they were having a sale and on top of that sale a further promo sale (on selected items). I of course got a little over excited and jumped straight to the leather jackets. The one I actually ended up with is from the mens section. I decided to go with mens because I like big and oversized and I wasn't going to get that in the womens section because they stop at a size 14, which is the size I am. Plus, with jackets I always upsize at least 2 sized, sometimes 3 because I like to be able to wear thick cosy knits under them or hoodies, or both (I'm quite a cold person and I like layering so, bigger and oversized is always better!

The jacket I bought is the Men's Kahawa Leather Biker Jacket in jet black. I got it in an XXL, with their jackets, All saints run a size smaller than they actually are. So an XXL mens leather jacket is more like an XL. However, their clothing runs I think one or two sizes up. I own a tshirt from here, which was a birthday gift and I got a medium and can wear its a really oversized and I wear a 14/16.
So if you are planning on purchasing from All Saints, just something to think about. 

So this style of leather jacket is my absolute fave and is a classic go to style from me. I've tried other styles of leather jacket but nothing is quite like the biker style. Its just the best and most perfect and beautiful and rock n roll, lets be real. Luckily because of purchasing so many cheap ones in the past I know what styles of jacket I like, what suits me, what I tend to gravitate towards more so. So I know, In buying the biker style, its definitely an investment piece,  that I will reach for a million and one times, or until breaks, whatever happens first.

The leather of this jacket is sheep. It's a very soft leather and very comfy. One thing I have struggled with in the past when buying leather jackets is the finding one that's not stiff and is quite giving in terms of movement, especially in the shoulders. I could tell from the moment I tried it on and felt how soft the leather was that it was not going to be an issue with this jacket. The hardware, such as zips and buckle on the belt are all silver in colour. Perfect for me as I always prefer silver and gun metal silver hardware ore accessories or details over gold or rose gold. Gold is just not my thing, so the silver details are perf! Also though, the little popper buttons on the lapels are matte black, which i'm absolutely in love with. I was looking at a leather jacket from whistles maybe a year ago now (again biker style, but still at the point to expensive for me) and that jacket has matte black buttons and I thought it was such a cool little detail, so i'm chuffed I get it on this jacket. Another great thing about it being a mens jacket is the pocket space! It has two inside pockets, it has two outside pockets that zip up and are brilliant size for phone, decent size purse, keys. I just can't wait to take it to a gig and see how that goes. because I never want to take a bag to a gig and more times than not I end up doing so anyway, because not enough space for things in pockets! its great!

Let's talk money... So, like I said, this jacket was on sale and as much as I love it and I'm sure its going to last me years and forever I still don't think I could of paid more than that serious sale price for it. Unless I really saved for it. Anyway, this jacket was originally £345, It was then reduced to (and it currently is this price) £241. And I got it for £198, at its sale promo price. if you are interested in this jacket click here. And if this jacket isn't for you, I definitely recommend having a look through some of their other sale bits and pieces because they have some great stuff.  :)

I'd love to know your thoughts on All Saints, and some of your other favourite brands. Drop me a comment below letting me know

Thanks for reading :)

Georgia x

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