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Very recently, I've been listening to Royal blood obsessively. But not so far as the new album. It kind of feels like over the last couple months their songs had been in a sense following me about a bit. It seemed wherever I went and whatever was on, somehow for some reason, some thing was sending me signs to listen to Royal Blood and fall in love with them and be obsessed with their sound and artistry and their rock n roll. And naturally I caved (but what can you expect with me and rock music). 

"It's been a long time since I rock n rolled" - I love you if you get this reference (and no it's not royal blood) but in all seriousness and honesty it has been the longest time since I've really listened to rock music and really found something new and innovative and just pure genius and feeling and lyrically strong as well as sound. It's been so long since I've heard a band that has really stuck with and to rock n roll. There are so many bands out there today claiming they are "real rock musicians" and want to "keep rock n roll alive" but at the same time, they sell their sound out and its become this auto tuned, weak lyrically, poppy sounding, not rock band and music and it's Sad. For the longest time I've been like "where has all the good rock music gone" and it took a really long time for royal blood to actually jump out, smack in the face and say "here we are!!! Fucking listen to us and love us!" 

Side note: (just incase someone does see this that decides to twist and confuse people) the guys of royal blood did not actually hit me. I've never actually met them or seen them live. However I was talking about their sound metaphorically hitting me. But quite literally hitting my ear drums. 

I feel like now I owe the guys of Royal blood and big ol' apology for being ignorant enough to not listen to their first album when it was released. But I now also owe them a big ol' thank you! For making the music they are making! It's phenomally loud for music made with nothing but two instruments! It's truly electric and gives you such a buzz! I can honestly saying driving down the A3 everyday to and from listening to this album is an experience! 

So, Royal Blood is a British band from Brighton. Royal Blood is made up of two guys (two awesome guys) lead singer and bass guitarist Mike Kerr and Drummer Ben Thatcher. They make a lot of bluesy, heavy, fuzzy, electric sounding noise! Their music keeps very much in touch with the bluesy roots of rock n roll and I'm so grateful that it does. A lot of bands these days take that blues sound of rock n roll and it just leaves it sounding not rock n roll and just empty. Taking blues out of rock music is like taking its soul away! You can hear a lot Jack White/ White stripes influence in their sound which is of course amazing. 

The record pictured above is the new album on the limited or at least rather hard to get your mitts on edition of the 2nd studio album, How did we get so dark? What makes this one a little more limited is the fact its a coloured vinyl. Well it's white! But ahh! Can we just take a moment for Royal Blood's Black and white aesthetic. With both their new and first album the black and white aesthetic is ever present and long may it stay! It's so beautiful! And it'll go nice with my insta theme! Http:// if you wanna follow me :) 

So how did I get my hands on this one, you may or may not be wondering! Even if you're not wondering I'm going to tell you anyway. I found this one ebay. It's not brand new but it is in near perfect condition (basically the only issue is it isn't sealed). But it's a beaut! I had a little for in fairness and I actually one! So happy that I did :) so I managed to grab this for £23! (So I'm quite chuffed with that) I thought it was fairly reasonable for a limited edition record. I paid more for second hand records before. And it even came with the album download code! So I could put it on my iPod and listen to it in the car also :) 

This post is getting a bit long now so I'm gunna sign off here! Let me know your thoughts on this band, their newest album and feel free to recommend any artists and albums for me to check out in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Georgia x 

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