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Recently I was having a browse round new look and for a little while now I noticed they now have their own make up range. Whilst I wasn't quite feeling adventurous (should I say) enough to try out one of their foundations. I was however willing to give their nail polishes a try. 

The first one I picked up was this cool, multicoloured glitter polish. The reason I picked it up was simply because it caught my eye. That's usually always the reason. It's got this cool, almost holographic/oil spill kind of look to it but it was less silver and cool toned and more warn and coppery toned. There's a lot of gold, warm, deep oranges a little bit of purple thrown in too. It's not a colour or shade of polish I've seen before (and even though my description of it sounds awful, it's not like that) it transitions between the colours very well and they're very well mixed, giving the polish a summery, festival evening vibe and also a cool autumn feel as well. 

The second polish I picked up was a pure gel too coat. I was in need of a new top coat but rather than a simple basic top coat, I wanted a gel look one that keep my nails looking super shiny and as if I'd literally just walked out the salon from having them done. I like the wet nail look. What can I say. So I thought I'd pick up this polish and give it ago. I've been really loving the black talon nail look which is the main reason for picking up this polish and wanting to give it ago. 

This is the look I created with the polishes. I started with a basic Rimmel London polish, in the shade Blackout, which is just a standard black. I then decided, the glittery polish I picked up would make a great accent polish for the look I had in mind. So I took that polish to the nail of my ring fingers and followed the shape of my nail tip, to add a little extra something to another wise basic nail look. Once I'd done that on my both hands, I went on with the gel top coat. 

I took this picture the next day after i painted them and in my opinion my nails still look as if they're wet and they look super shiny, so I'm extremely happy with the outcome of the top coat and the pointed tip as an accent again I really love. There's all these great different colours in that one tip. And because the colour of the glitter polish is quite solid, you could wear it on its own without a base colour underneath, which is also so great. Glitter nails are always fun...until you have to take the polish off, which is why untrue not to do it that often. However, the glitter in this polish seems a lot finer than standard glitter polish, so it might be a little easier to get off, it also feels really smooth on, then again that could just be the top coat. 

I've had these nails for a few days now and I can honestly say I'be noticed a difference too in the chipping or lack their of chipping. My nails chip a lot, especially working in a charity shop where it can get pretty busy and gross and the work can be heavy handed from time to time. It hard to have and maintain nice nails, but these have lasted pretty well. 

I really liked these New Look polishes and I'm actually super surprised by how good they look on and the shine in that top coat!!! I would highly recommend, especially the gel top coat!! 

The pure gel polishes cost £3.99 
And the Pure colour polishes cost £2.99 

So not extremely expensive at all and definitely worth it! 

Thanks for reading and happy weekending! 


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