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(Sorry for not posting yesterday, had such a busy, crazy day and didn't get home until gone 10 and i crashed right out, all apologies!)

The bronzer i had been using until i purchased this one was the one from my sunkissed eye and face pallet from primark. As a first bronzer it was pretty all right. However, very recently whilst doing my make up i managed to drop the pallet all over the floor, the eyeshadows survived the bronzer did not. So as my next trip out resulted in a trip to Poundland and nowhere else and i stumbled upon a bronzer i suddenly remembered "oh yeah i need one of those!" and picked myself up a Poundland bronzer.

I know what you're thinking "a bronzer from must be mad!" I still think im half bonkers for actually picking up. But in fairness to it, its not a bad bronzer at all. I actually like it. Its looks good on. Their bronzer's come in three shades, and i the one i got is 2. Medium. Its also a matte bronzer which the primark one wasn't and for that fact alone, i prefer it. I unfortunately wouldn't be able to compare it to any proper drug store bronzers as i have never bought a proper one from a drugstore before, i probably should :P oh well.

Overall, i like this bronzer, i like the way it looks on, the strength of the colour is decent, so you don't need too much. The packaging is nice, its well presented and its a matte bronzer. And at the price of £1, why would you not chance it and give it a try. I would say this bronzer is especially great for anyone experimenting with make up on a very small budget.

What bronzers are you guys currently using? What bronzers are you favourite, which would you recommend? Or maybe you have tried the poundland bronzer, if so i'd love to know you're thoughts on it.

Thanks for reading


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