Friday, 23 June 2017

Current To Be Read Pile | Books I want to read

(I tried to make this picture look somewhat decent but for some reason it just didn't seem to be working and this is the best I could get it) 

So, unfortunately, as near enough always, I must apologise for my absence on this blog the last couple of days. Ever since I have my week off I'd been feeling really good, I'd found my head in a really happy, chilled out, laid back clear place and I was feeling good and optimistic and I was feeling all those things about my blog too! I was feeling motivated and inspired to want to get on here and post everyday and during my week off work I felt excited to write and create the posts I was uploading. And it felt good. But sadly that of course, didn't last very long at all. Come Wednesday morning I'd only really been back in the real world for two full days and I had some really upsetting news (that I may mention in a different post in the future) and I've been feeling really almost broken hearted and disappointed and angry and frustrated and upset and confused and overwhelmed and panicked and freaked out by it. It's left me in a pretty bad state the last couple days. I spent all of Wednesday fighting tears at work and in the evening once I got from home I sobbed all night. I had Thursday off and I sobbed all god damn day and I just couldn't control it and stop myself long enough to be sit and write a post. The only thing I could do was distract myself from the thought of it all with haul videos on YouTube and reading a book and every time I stopped watching or reading I was crying again. It was awful! Anyway, feeling all cried out and even though all this horrible dread and worry is still with me, I've calmed a little bit and I'm thinking a little clearer and I've talked about with a few of my friends and such and I've got an exciting day off ahead and I'm not letting this ruin it for me!!! Anyway, I'll try keep the rest of this post short and sweet, considering that long ass apology. 

So, like I mentioned briefly above, I've been reading, thank god! It's been a long while since I've actually truly really read a book properly. But something I took great comfort in the last time I was in a hard place that made feel so upset I needed to be distracted otherwise I'll cry, was picking up a book and reading and reading and reading until it felt okay. I do love reading but it can be a struggle to find the time and not only that the ability to focus on the words and actually stay awake. I've slowly come to realise and accept that I'm a morning reader, I like to sit down in the morning with a coffee and read a book. But I very rarely get that time. Anyway Thursday i had a day off and found that time I also realised how much I really needed that nice long reading session and it got me feeling inspired to look at my shelves and see what I want to read! So here's my list of my current TBR books! (From the bottom up) 

1) the brothers Grimm : Grimm's complete fairy tales 

2) Homer : The Odyssey 

3) Hunter S. Thompson : The Rum Diary 

4) Lang Leav : Lullabies 

5) Four Seasons (it's a book of poetry about the four seasons with no particular authors, just various poets) 

6) (which isn't pictured above because I forgot about it until I opened a draw a few moments ago)  Anne Rice : Interveiw with a vampire (the vampire chronicles) 

So that is what I currently at the top of my TBR list. I hope you like the random collection of genres I've got going on here... I like to try different genres. 

What are you guys currently reading or what's your favourite book? I'd love to read your recommendations and stuff, so do please drop me a comment below, letting me know :) 

Thanks for reading

Georgia x 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Shoe Unboxing | Converse Hi Leather exclusive

📸 : all taken and edited by me


I've been eyeing up these absolute beauts for a weeks now, but with so many different colours and styles of converse it's hard to choose a pair right? My all black ones (which were my fave) have been worn to death and I really needed to find a new pair to replace them. So after a few weeks of looking around and shopping about a bit I decided I couldn't resist these ones!  I couldn't stop thinking about the tbh, they just kept coming back to my mind. 

The converse I decided on are called Hi Leather Ash Grey Rose Gold Exclusive. These ones cost a little more than your usual pair of converse but I thought they're so different I couldn't resist. They are exclusive to Office (available both online and in store) and they come in a selection of colours. There's pink, khaki, off white etc. all with the rose gold detailing!

It was the rose gold detail that really sold them to me, I love the fact the whole shoe even the sole is all the same grey colour and then the eyelets, the aglet, and the logo! There's something really pretty, stunning and eye catching about it. 

I decided to go with the grey colour because, my entire wardrobe is near enough black, white and grey, so it'll match everything and I don't and never have owned grey shoes before. 

Again, these converse are only available at and in any office stores. This range of converse cost £64.99 for the high leathers and £62.99 for the low leathers.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this new range of converse, drop me a comment below letting me know. 

Thanks for reading :) 

Georgia x 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Guns N Roses | Not In This Lifetime Tour 2017

📸 : all taken and edited by me

On Saturday I was very very lucky enough to of booked myself a ticket (all the way back in mid December 2016) to see Guns N Roses! I have loved this band since I was about 12 years old, which is when I started getting into rock music in general. My dad at this point started to lend me Cd's of his which has help mould my music taste into what it is today. Whilst he only gave me a greatest hits of Guns n Roses CD which sparked my love for them. I became a bigger fan than he is. 

But seriously little 12 year old me would be so happy of what 21 year old me got to witness! It was just incredible! And sure the sound in the venue wasn't as great as it could of been and the gold circle thing was kind of upsetting. The gold circle was basically, the front half of the standing section and those tickets were really expensive. So that was kind of sad, it meant anyone who couldn't afford £1000 worth of ticket was mainly watching on the screen. It was a massive venue!! But other than that still a fantastic night! 


As you can see from my pictures i was as close as I could get to the gold circle and it was still so far away. But I mean you go to stadium gigs especially London stadium which seats 66 thousand people and that's before we even consider how many were in standing! I kind of knew before going in though that I wouldn't have the greatest veiw, especially when I'm usually one of the shorter lot of people and I'm not even that's short I'm like 5"4/ 5"5! I'm gunna move on before this becomes a post about how I always get stuck behind tallest men ever at gigs that could rival the height of the fucking Empire State Building....anyway. 

The band played a lot of their greatest hits and classics but of course that is what the crowd came to hear! They played so many great anthems and tracks that I never thought I'd ever get the chance to hear live! So I'm so so so happy! I've already heard sweet child o mine played live once before but never with the original lead singer Axl Roses' vocals! So that was such a highlight but I think my favourite moment had to be when they played November rain! That was such a beautiful and stunning moment!! I had tears in my eyes hearing November rain live like that! And I had tears in my eyes when they played sweet child!! 

One of my favourite moments was when Slash was having a bit of a solo moment, a chill solo moment and he eased the solo into the intro of Wish you were here by Pink Floyd, my favourite Pink Floyd track and album (highly recommend). They also did a really great cover of Soundgardens Black hole sun, that was a real nice surprise. 


I think one of the greatest things about this gig was the length of it. Whenever I'm at a gig (a standard gig is about 1 hour and half to 2 hours long). Guns N roses went on at 7:30pm and didn't get off the stage until about 11pm! That's a 3 and half hour set of just beautiful classics and getting to see one my favourite guitarists back along side one of the greatest vocalists in rock music. Sure Axl's voice is not as great as it was in his hey day but my god for his age his voice is doing pretty great! And their performance as well! Was on point, not a dull moment. 

There were a few outfit changed from Axl, throughout the show, my favourite was when he came out to perform a great track called rocket queen, he came out dressed in this amazing leather biker style jacket covered in union jacks! And a top hat with a Union Jack on the front. And at one moment in the gig he decided to sing a happy birthday to the queen with the rest of the band and crowd. Another thing he admirably mentioned and took a moment out of the gig to say was about the recent attacks in Manchester and London, which I thought was really great of the band to do. Music is one of the only great things that truly unites and brings people together. 

But absolutley amazing show! I just never wanted it to end and here hoping that GNR tour again someday soon because I need to see that show again! Too great! 

Thanks for reading  :) 

Georgia  x 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Thrasher and stripes | OOTD

📸 : taken and edited by me



I wasn't planning on posting another ootd post today but I quite liked this look so I thought what the hell! 

I didn't get up to very much today, I had a pretty chilled day however in the evening i finally decided to pop out and buy some shoes I've been thinking about the past couple weeks. So I'm very happy with those and I'll be posting a little shoe unboxing post I believe I've scheduled for Wednesday, so watch this space of you wanna find out about those :) I'm in love with them seriously! So I went and got them and walked the dog. I didn't really want to over excite myself today and I just wanted a chill and restful day as I've got a big day ahead of myself tomorrow (seeing Guns n roses) and Saturday is also my last day off so I really wanted to just get in the last bit of rest that I could before back to work the next day. 

Anyway. I don't know why this outfit came to mind but I thought I'd give it a try 9 times out of 10  outfits that seem really cool and creative in my head usually once put together don't work out. So I was quite chuffed when this one did :) 

For today's outfit, i'm wearing a black and white stripe playsuit it has very thin spaghetti type straps and a plunge neckline (which from the picture can't tell). I thought I'd be a cool idea to wear my black and white thrasher tee over the top, tied in a knot to crop it and I really loved the way it looked! I then decided to wear my vintage Levi denim jacket which I'm just obsessing over right now and I paired this look with my white converse. I also thought I'd look great with my dr.martens or even my chunky heeled Chelsea boots. But I figured it was a little warm for the boots. Accessory wise, I decided to wear diamanté choker, just to glam it up a little :) 

Playsuit - newlook (old) 
Tshirt - Surfdome U.K. (£24.99) 
Shoes - Office (£47.99) 
Choker - primark (£4) 
Sunglasses - Primark (£3) 
Jacket - EBay (£15) 

Thanks for reading, hope you like the outfit posts :) I really like doing them! Happy weekending 

Georgia x 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Baby doll | OOTD

📸 : both taken and edited by me (if it wasn't obvious from the above photo)


So after all the ranting and moaning on Tuesday about being intimidated and scared and worried about style and fashion blogging, I realised that I shouldn't feel any pressure to these amazing perfect shots for outfits and I shouldn't pressured into wearing this stylish thing and that stylish thing. I should and just need to wear what I want and I should post and share the outfits I like whenever I want to and the best/only way I can (mirror selfies). So that's what I'm gunna do. 

This week seeing as I've had all of it off, I've been challenging myself to not wear leggings, oversized crew neck tees, and tracksuit bottoms because I never ever get to feel or look nice or dress up nicely with my unglamorous job. So today It was warm enough to go out and about to meet a friend for lunch and a spot of shopping so I decided it was time to crack out a dress! This is probably the first time I've worn a dress in about a year. And I did it! I felt super cute and comfy in my casual LBD. I teamed it with pink faux leather biker jacket, which I refuse to wear to work because I don't want to get it dirty or ripped etc. This jacket I got for my birthday this year and it's one of my fave leather jackets in my collection. Shoe wise, I opted for a pair of boots I can only wear come the summer, which are my charcoal black/grey cut out ankle boots. They're basically bit strapping but they're great for summer if like me you're in a job where open toed shoes is a no no, or if you have feet issues like me too, perfect! I then of course just threw on a few accessories! 

Dress - Primark (old)
Jacket - F&F  (£40)
Boots - Justfab (old)
Bag - Michael Kors (bought at TK Maxx) (£149) 
Sunglasses - Primark (£3) 
Earrings - Primark (£1.50) 
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood (bid for on eBay) 
Black suedette necklace (with purposefully hidden amethyst crystal) - H&M (old) 

Thanks for reading :) 

Georgia x

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Fashion find | Lace up jeans

📸 : taken and edited by me 

This post is up a little late. But up nonetheless! Anyway, I wanted to talk about a recent purchase of mine that I'm super happy and excited about. 

On a recent shopping trip, i of course went into primark. Everybody loves primark and if they don't they're lying right?! So I went into primark, the main purpose of my trip there was to return some trousers that I didn't suit me but i of course forgot at home... so I'll be going back soon, dangerous. 

So I was browsing around, I went without anything in mind to buy. And I usually stay well clear of primark jeans I just don't like them, I have numerous issues with different styles. But on consistent problem infind with all their jeans and trousers are the flys! The zips just never stay up, which I can't stand, because it means I spend all day trying to zip it up on the sly! And the amount of times I had blisters by the end of the day because of those pesky falling flys is beyond numerous! 

I saw these gorgeous lace up jeans right at the front of the store, highwaisted which is my favourite style of jean, skinnies which are just a classic fave for everyone (especially those of the emo phase£, they were black even better and they didn't have a zip! Perfect! But what I feel in love with was obviously the lace up front! I've been seeing a lot of people wearing jeans and trousers of a similar style on Instagram and i almost bought a pair of cigarette trousers from misguided which were very similar. But they sold out in my size... grr! So when I found these in primark I was so excited and I knew I had to have them! 

I got home and I literally ripped my jeans off so fast because I was so excited to try these on! And they are such a perfect fit! They even passed the squat test with flying colours!! I don't know if others do the squat test with jeans, I think it might be my own little thing, I'm not sure. But if I can squat perfectly and comfortably in jeans and move as if I'm wearing leggings they're a keeper basically :) 

I was fortunate enough to be going out later that evening, so I was very happy I got to wear them out straight away. I paired these jeans with a black satin look blouse from H&M, which I tucked half of it in to show off the lace up detail in the front of the jeans. I then wore black Chelsea boots and my current everyday Michael Kors bag (which I'm not sure if I've done a post about or not. I think I mentioned it in my monthly faves. But I'd love to do a bag spill/ what's in my bag post (i love reading those posts and seeing YouTube videos of them but I've never done one!) I also wore an oversized vintage Levi denim jacket, to break up the black and make the outfit a little more casual.  

Also, the jeans were £13! Such a steal! I'm kinda tempted to go back for another pair, so comfy and so cute :) 

Thanks for reading 

Georgia x 

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

"Fashion blogging intimidates me"

📸 : taken and edited by me

So, as the title might suggest. This post is all about why I find it hard to talk about style in the blogging world and why i find it so difficult. I hope this post is releatable in some way and others kinda get the point I'm trying to make and then hopefully we can all feel not so alone. 

One of the reasons I got into blogging so many years ago (when I had my first ever blog) it was because fashion bloggers and them sharing their style and look and I felt inspired by their styles but also inspired to want to blog too. Anyway, I'd been on and off withblogging for a few years and before I wound up on this blog, I had one other. I was once again inspired to get blogging by again fashion bloggers! I love fashion bloggers. I like seeing people and their personal tastes, the differences in their personal style and seeing their personality coming through via their wardrobes. And I always wanted to create content sharing outfits and stuff; for s little while I did. I shared an outfit once a week but I wasn't impressed with what I was choosing to wear. 
I'd say in recent years, I don't really know what happened to me style wise. I kind of stop dressing in things I liked and stopped trying to dress the way I wanted to and my outfits aspired to be nothing, so they became basic. Basic baggy tees, with leggings and boots, everyday. I'm not saying that's a bad outfit, hey for work it's my standard go to look. However, I don't feel nice in it, I don't feel like I good in it. Ya know. And style I feel became and still is a very non exist thing in my life right now and it's making me feel sad tbh. I like being creative and getting creative and I want to be so with my clothing choices but for some reason I fell like Im searching for style and motivation to dress great. But the motivation and inspiration for style is the needle and my life and circumstances are like the haystack. 

But I guess the reason I find fashion blogging so intimidating is because other bloggers have these great cameras they've invested in, they know their angles their poses. They have others taking their pictures for them, they with so many brands and companies sending them latest trends to try and to top it all off there are just so many fashion bloggers in the blogosphere already! It's so hard to even create a decent outfit post, the only way I can when there are so many other bloggers out there creating the most amazing photographs for their outfits that I've ever seen! I don't have a great camera and i did I wouldn't have the software to edit or a laptop that can handle it. I literally blog from my phone or iPad everyday and all the pictures I take for my blog posts are taken on my iPhone and edited on my iPhone. I literally work with what I've got. The only tools I have. I'm not a big time blogger, who has a big ol' ring light and amazing back drops for outfit shots, I don't work with companies and sponsors for free clothing. I work a 9-5 job, 5 days a week, where I can't wear nice clothes because it's such a gross unglam job half the time, and when the two I do get off roll about I end up slouching about in track pants!!! I went off a little rant there sorry. 

But on another note, some issues do live in my head, thing like being very unphotogenic especially in things like full body shots, I don't know my angles I've been trying for ages to find them but I just don't know. It's something I'm gunna have to keep working to find. When I see full body outfit shots of myself, I just can see so many of my flaws and issues I have with my body and I'm not only trying to work to improving the things I see and don't like. I'm trying hard to learn to accept and appreciate the body I have also. It's one of those things though, like I can't see the problem and how bad it appears until its captured on camera. Like I can literally look in the mirror and be like "meh it's not awful, but acceptable" and then i see it in the camera and it's like 1000 times worse. Which is why I find full length outfit shots difficult to take, edit and stare at. It's kinda hurts to see. Another problem that lives in my head is the whole self doubt thing. I know it's something we all deal with and all but I never experienced the whole self doubt thing I'm be blogging world with my previous attempts at blogs. I guess from when I started blogging for the first time when I was 13 I can now see how much the games changed. The stakes have been upped in a sense. It's just crazy and overwhelming how much blogging and the quality of the content is happening constantly! It's insane! But seeing the quality of the content produced now and how fast and quickly this content is being produced it's hard to keep up with that. 

All I can say is "I try and I am trying". The world of fashion blogging is a very big one and for a little blog as small as mine it's a hard part of the blogging community to want to be involved in. But it was the part of the community that inspired me to blog and I think I owe it myself to at least try to create the content that inspired me to start this blogging. In the first place. So I'm gunna try and I'm gunna keep trying and I guess I need to remember to have fun with it. Because that's all blogging is, it's a hobby and it's fun. 

So do you guys relate? I'd love to know if you've ever felt the same way or prehaps you have some advice for me and other people stuck in the boat I'm in. If you do drop a comment below letting me know :) 

Thanks for reading 

Georgia x